Kevin Durant may never be the same after his Achilles injury – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman says Kevin Durant jeopardized his prime and possibly the rest of his career by playing and re-injuring himself in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

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  1. Everyone thought is was a calf injury and i think that is where all the doubt and questioning came from. 34 days for a calf strain seemed long but if they came out and said was a grade 2 Achilles tear i think everyone would know he wasnt coming back. But i think his camp wanted to call it a calf for free agency purposes which caused all the speculation and rumblings by media, team staff n fans that added pressure on K.D. just all my opinions n thoughts. So sad regardless. Cant change the past it happened. Pointing fingers wont change the injury. He will be back and back to the goat form

  2. Jalen is arguing because he has a plate and "FIVE" 3 1/2 screws in his Defensive left shooting hand, is the only reason why Kobe scored 80 points on him. Jalen rest his case!!

  3. The Achilles has to have been already injured for him to re injure it again. I think the Warriors were lying about his calf injury and it really was an Achilles originally. I’ve been told the calf has nothing to do with the Achilles at all. The Warriors led KD to his doom

  4. Cousins is hooping after his Achilles tear. He was almost getting 30 a night before the playoffs and was tearing centers up. Than he blew a quad. But playing again. Was out 45 days so still not to form. So he can come back strong n same form

  5. Max is like those YouTubers who make titles like “how ___ COMPLETELY RUINED the ENTIRE NBA!” And his thumbnail is a picture of him with his mouth wide.

  6. Everyone thought it was a calf sprain! I love how all these troll commentators love to play victim! I think if people knew it could of rupture his Achilles or there was a big risk of serious injury We would of been more understanding!

  7. Jalen earned his job with this segment. Shitted all over Stephen A with his logic. Stephen A about to cry because he can't change the fact that he said KD should play.

  8. Max is an idiot. He is the main one responsible for the "foolishness" that he's talking about KD listen to. He's been hyping Kawhi all season saying he was better than KD. You think KD didnt hear that and wanted to prove Max wrong? That makes you foolish Max and contradicting your whole media career.

  9. To be fair, when Durant got injured in that Rocket series, the Warriors played better. It wasn't his fault though as they relied on his offensive output to much. Curry was cold the first two rounds and Klay inconsistent. Durant had the break out game after he was criticized for being bullied by Patrick Beverly and never took his foot off the gas.


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