Kelly Bryant chose to leave Clemson, so he doesn’t deserve a ring – Ryan Clark | First Take

Ryan Clark, Will Cain and Emmanuel Acho discuss whether former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant deserves a championship ring.

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  1. Dabo has unequivocally confirmed that Bryant had the chance to remain “a part of the team” while not playing another game the rest of the season AND be eligible to play for another team this year and thus still be a part of the Championship Team

  2. Kelly Bryant won games for Clemson and made his teammates better last year. How much sweat and sacrifice went into the time he put on that Tigers jersey. As a head coach, Dabo should be setting the example for these young men. His decision did not come from a person who is considerate or appreciative of the young men that made him millions. It came from a place of pettiness and let me show you what you don't deserve. I hope high school recruits take notice of his lack of character and lack of appreciation of their efforts.

  3. LET ME BE CLEAR!!!! Ocho is dead wrong!! First, Kelley Byrant had NOTHING to do with contract or the monetary value of the contract that Dabo received from Clemson. That statement shows me how much of an idiot this guy is. Also, Dabo doesn't use ANY of his players. Dabo truly has the best intentions, for all his players. He and the staff do everything in their power to mold these young players into successful adults on and off the field. They instill integrity and character into all the guys that come through Clemson. Dabo loves all his players, and he does it the right way. So, when some idiot, who doesn't have the mental capacity to comprehend what Dabo and all of his staff are doing at Clemson, says that Dabo is "USING PLAYERS" I have to speak out and defend the Clemson program. If Ocho wants to call a spade a spade, I almost guarantee that if Kelley Bryant was WHITE, this whole ring conversation would have never been bought up. PERIOD!!!!….. Kelley Byrant WAS NOT a team member, therefore he doesn't get a ring.!!!!! PERIOD!!!! If thats the case then I should get a ring, Everyone should get a ring. Kelley decided to leave on his own accord. He didn't commit himself to stay and work the process and go through the grind it takes to be a CHAMPION. The 2018 National Champions Clemson Tigers are the greatest team to ever suit up. GO TIGERS!!!!

  4. Kelly Bryant made the choice to leave. Which is 100% his right. Dabo made it clear to him that he was going to be the back up, there are lots of coaches that would have hid that info and pretended it was still an open competition to keep the best back up possible. People don't realize that Dabo telling Bryant the competition was over is going him a favour. Eg. A girl that is clear and tells a guy he doesn't have a chance is nicer than a girl that strings a long a sap and uses him.

    Bryant made the choice to leave so that he could play and have good tape. That is smart. One of the things he sacrificed was the chance to win a ring if Clemson won.

     The word IF is the BIGGEST word in the English dictionary cause IF a frog had wings it would not bump it's as- so much and IF it had a glass as- then it would not bump it but once!!!

  6. Kelly Bryant was getting used? Yikes. Keep clemson. Dabo. Kelly’s name out of your mouth you scrub. You don’t deserve a dime. Clemson is the ONLY team who stuck with kelly when he was sick. The only team.

  7. Hell yes Bryant should receive a ring he played in and won games for Clemson while Clemson was getting that true freshman QB up to full par if not for that Clemson wouldn't be the 2018 season National Champions

  8. He should get a ring! He started 4 games during the championship season going 4-0. A single loss in any of those games and Clemson likely doesn't make the playoff..they definitely don't make it with 2 losses in those games. Like it or not he was the starting QB going undefeated in 1/4 of the championship season…


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