KD and Andre Iguodala’s health puts the Warriors in serious trouble – Jeff Van Gundy | First Take

Jeff Van Gundy says Kevin Durant’s lingering calf strain and Andre Iguodala’s leg injury puts the Golden State Warriors in a tough spot as they trail the Toronto Raptors 1-0 in the 2019 NBA Finals.
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  1. It's not about KD making them better, it's about him making them different. Without him, Splash Brothers. With him… no as fun. More talented or better but not as fun. Do you want to listen to Steve Vai play guitar or Angus Young? Better isn't always more fun.


    Block out all the noise, it's just come out and play hard..get game 2 and take it there…Stephen Curry said…

    You know what is the meaning of this message? Don't forget the raptors fans and LeBron fans I know you are against the team Warriors and combined to plan to oust the WARRIORS in the Finals NBA..

  3. I remember some people saying raptors might be better without kawhi during the regular season. To think any team is better without their best player is absurd.

  4. Max is a idiot. He's always getting corrected by hosts/ cohosts. He confuses himself on the point he's making. Why is he even yelling? And doesn't he know both guests are former head coaches??? I cant take it anymore.

  5. They would just play a different style without Durant, much of the season they might not need him, but in the finals, and playing Kawhi they definitely need him especially since the team's banged up

  6. How do you spend weeks with all you saying that they don't need Kevin. That's why I say you should just stick to calling games and keep your opinions to yourself.

  7. Max Kellerman is starting to sound "never really played" stupid. One cancer on a team can destroy flow in any sport. In a five man rotation…it's the reason why the mob historically targets basketball. So even if he's not a cancer, a single player's ability to crush an offense is just common knowledge. Talent doesn't fix that. This Kellerman guy's comments are on another level of dishonesty, because he's not dumb.

    He's playing around with the distinction between team and teamwork.

  8. Iguodala didn't look very upbeat in his interview Saturday, before game 2. His calf was first reported as "tight" after game 3 against Portland. He was sat after only playing 18 minutes that game. I do wonder if it was bothering him already a few games as his stats (slashing only 3.7/4/4) were down considerably in the Portland series , and his minutes were reduced 6-8 minutes as well. (And, as we know, Iggy has not hit a three since the Houston series.) Obviously, up 3-0 Warriors didn't play him game 4 against the Trailblazers, and the Warriors won.

    So, Iggy had 12 days rest and rehab before Finals Game 1. His calf went after 29 minutes playing time in that game, and you could tell he knew immediately what it was; there was no shock on his face, just understandable frustration (and pain). The arithmetic says Iggy's calf lasted about 2.5 minutes playing time per day of rest/rehab. Warriors did not call it "tightness" this time.It is reasonable to presume it is at least as bad as last time, but the Warriors simply can't afford to sit him with KD out too.

    Iggy will have 3 days rest before game 2, and interpolating on his experience already on rest/rehab for his calf from last time, he may have only about 7.5 minutes of playing time in Game 2 before it sidelines him again.

    From SF Chronicle, May 20 :
    "This is why Iguodala’s left calf tightness — at first glance, a seemingly minor ailment — could have major implications for the Warriors’ pursuit of a third straight NBA title. As Kevin Durant’s extended absence has illustrated, calf injuries are tricky to gauge. The recovery timetable can fluctuate hour to hour as pain comes and goes.
    ….. Iguodala is listed as questionable for Game 4 of the Western Conference finals against the Trail Blazers, but the Warriors seem likely to sit him. There is no sense rushing back Iguodala, whose Sunday morning MRI exam was clean, when Golden State boasts a 3-0 series lead over Portland."

    Keep your eye on Iggy Game 2. Raptors will likely look to go at him hard, whoever he's guarding. That would make sense.

  9. Max keeps hating on Curry for no reason. Dude's been amazing in 3 out of 4 finals and he tryna say Curry doesn't play well. Game 1 was only close because of Curry. Stop spreading fake news

  10. I have yet to find a broadcaster who said this, if I were a pundit, this would be what i would say:

    "Without KD, GSW is still a good team, but the team dynamic is VERY different. They move the ball a lot more, there is a lot more off the ball movement and screens, the balls gets passed around a lot more, so people can look at this and say perhaps this is 'better' basketball. Its a different perspective on how you define what 'good' basketball is. Golden State is a different animal without KD. Against some teams they might even be harder to handle, so I can't blame some people who short cut the analysis and just say Golden State is 'better' without KD"


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