Kanye West Is Dead Ass About Running For President In 2024

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  1. That's what this whole him going back to Christianity religion thing is about it's about him running for president it's all cap I said it here first and if he continues to prosper in it he will be a top candidate

  2. Kanye, is not suffering from mental illness.The only thing Kanye is suffering from is Self Hate.This low IQ idiot, needs to be ignored and boycotted by all people around world.He's dangerous to black consciousness and he does represent nor does he speak for Black People in the Black Diaspora!

  3. I agree, after dotard drumpf we need a new standard for the presidential qualifications. College degree, mandatory release of all financial records, and web search history, and mandatory psychological evaluations each year they are in office. Failure to submit to a psyche eval will be grounds for immediate impeachment.

  4. This ignorance, arrogant ass fool Kanye, need to sit his stupid, CRAZY ass down and take his meds! A fuc*** bipolar cartoon character. Sick of him and Trump! What a fuc*** idiot! No, America will skip your running bruh. Enough crazy already for 3 1/2 years with Trump!

  5. Robin is traitor of a friend. If it's true she outed someone she claimed to care about. If its not true, it doesn't surprise me because Robin had fallen out with Whitey years ago so..she's a fraudulent person.


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