Julia Louis-Dreyfus Breaks Down Her Career, from Seinfeld to Veep | Vanity Fair

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has never had a problem making people laugh, even from the time she was a child. Watch as she takes us through her legendary career, from Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live to A Bug’s Life and Veep.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Breaks Down Her Career, from Seinfeld to Veep | Vanity Fair

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  1. I was on vacation in Los Angeles and went to a taping of a brand-new show that we were told was possibly going to be picked up, and that was the New Adventures of Old Christine! It was so great to see that cast in action, and that was my only TV show taping, so I'm glad I got to see JLD live and performing in front of a crowd.

  2. The sound editing on this is usually terrible, but now the lighting is awful as well? You’ve got some fascinating talented people – please give them the respect of decent production on this series

  3. I always love when hollywood actors pay credit to the skill of voice acting instead of going "Oh yeah it was easy I just showed up and read stuff in my PJs!". Some people have voices iconic enough not not have to act. But voice acting is a genuine skill in the same way theatre acting is different form movie acting.

  4. She's gorgeous and yet they made her look like she's coming down with the stomach flu and ran out of the salon before her hair was finished getting styled…that said, she's a genius.

  5. i loved hearing her talk about a bug's life. you can always tell when a celebrity voice actor doesn't care so much about voicing an animated character, but you can tell she really gets it. the mark of a truly great performance in animation is an actor that understands the complexity of channeling an entire performance through your voice and the avenues you can use to get there. what a fantastic performer and a great role model. even when i was little and saw my parents watching seinfeld, i knew i looked up to her.


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