JuJu Smith-Schuster Crashes A Wedding! | Steelers Fashion Show

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  1. youre actually reading a fucking text and driving? WTF is wrong with you bro!? not a good example…..stop doing that shit…youd be fucked if you hurt someone or yourself………no excuse to text and drive, NONE!

  2. Not only did he show up to the after party. He actually stayed after taking pictures and made a 9 year old cry because she was so happy to dance with him. We need more players like this in the league.

  3. Man you should come work with me at my job and put a transmission out if a Freightliner truck with me. And then put a big fat boy logo of you catching a pass on my 76inch tool box. Now thats a steel on steelers day fo sure. Enjoy your videos. Keep being happy.


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