JRE MMA Show #81 with Dave Leduc

Joe sits down with Dave Leduc, the current openweight Lethwei World Champion and current WLC Cruiserweight World Champion.

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  1. I have been talking about lethwei in my gym for last 2-3 years nobody knew what the hell it was and nobody knew who this bad ass was

    FINALLY now they will know

    Check out
    Cyrus Washington And tun tun min*

    The usually fight eachother like 3-5 times these three

    Brutal and unknown
    Hopefully next year I can go to his camp God willing

  2. Imagine being in prison and your told were bringing in some gringos if u beat the shit out of one u can go home ..it's like Christmas morning …then in walks Dave leduc…oh…better get next months commissary ordered then


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