JRE MMA Show #74 with Brendan Schaub

Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub to discuss some recent and upcoming fights.

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  1. Joe, PLEASE STOP THIS ASSAULT WEAPON NARRATIVE Automatics are already illegal for citizen use barring a very special license that is way harder to get than any regular Pistol Permit. Any gun used for violence is an "assault weapon". So the next thing they want to say is "BAN SEMIAUTOMATIC" well the term semiautomatic just means pulling the trigger and a bullet fires without manual reloading each time. So then you take away everything except Shotguns and guns made in the fucking 1700s. Guns are NOT the issue. If you take away guns they will just become a black market and you takeaway citizens ability to protect themselves. Remember the fastest Cop response time under the best circumstances is 5-7 minutes. Plenty of people can be killed by knives or other weapons in that amount of time as well. So, once again please stop this "assault weapon" narrative that the media and everyone who doesnt know what they are talking about like to throw around.

  2. You both talk shit like high school tools in very demonstrative ways about Cyborg. There’s videos of the careless shit you talked about her (a mother) and yes YOU are extremely complicit in this mothers child being bullied and harassed in school. Congratulations big man! “Consensus is she was juiced in that fight”? What the fuck? Consensus? Is that what we are doing now? Consensus is every fucking body takes cutting edge substances or procedures or follow very sophisticated protocols to avoid failed tests or furthermore if “consensus” is the criteria we need to make statements about people well the consensus is with just about every sports fan who has any fucking brain whatsoever that not only are 70% of athletes across the board finding some type of scientific or chemical or biological edge that if was transparently know would be a violation of rules but more importantly the CONSENSUS is certain athletes including fighters can use whatever the fuck they need to use and are helped by the organizations themselves to get around the rules. Consensus… and quite fucking obvious also is that Dana White has a particular bias against Cyborg. You have to be fucking retarded to not see it. Nobody on the fucking planet thinks Cyborg doesn’t want to fight Nunes. The war on steroids is about as valid as the war on drugs. Personally I don’t mind them. But fuck you and your “consensus” bull shit. What a life it must be to be a millionaire feeding retarded bill shit to people because it’s easy to feed off the mass hysteria.. It obviously has to be great cause you’re rich as fuck but do you ever feel guilty or strange knowing that the 20 30 40% of real people with intellect in this world know unequivocally how phony you are? I guess that explains why all you fucks hang out with each other. Cause real people don’t like you and everyone else are your retarded sheep that fill your pockets with millions and you don’t respect them enough to associate with them in real life. P.S. Dave is funny, you literally aren’t.

  3. Two white boys "Tyron Woodley is actually a great rapper!" Lmfao dude he's fucking terrible like EXTREME CRINGE!!!!! Look it up and see for yourself! I'm white but I know good music! These two fuck nuts don't know SHIT! BOIIIII


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