JRE MMA Show #70 with Aljamain Sterling

Joe is joined by UFC Bantamweight fighter Aljamain Sterling.

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  1. @4:00 or look at Jon Jones. He's a completely different fighter when he's not on peds. He only does them to beat DC. Rest of the guys he can manage but look at all his fights when there has been no controversy after USADA stepped in

  2. I got a concerned when he mentioned he does his own strength and conditioning.. seems Joe did too. How are you at this level and you're not tracking heart rate, blood tests…

  3. Aljo is correct in giving props to Jorge's genius of applying meta game tactics. Askren rushes to the center and Masvidal takes two slow paced towards the black line to close some distance and immediately changes rhythm into a sprint. Masvidal essentially bluffed a striking distance and then put extreme pressure on Askren by sprinting forward. This is a general game theory tactic, put pressure on someone to force mistakes. Pressure forces someone to make decisions quickly and it can often make people go into auto-pilot and you exploit their tendencies. As Masvidal mentioned "as soon as I saw how eager he was to come forward, I knew he was going to take the bait." Masvidal took Askren's soul. Jorge knew what you were going to do before you knew. Masvidal is for sure decent at poker and I've heard him say he plays in interviews.

  4. Looks like we're pulling another all nighter boys. Remember to lie to your wife and tell her you accidentally fell asleep on the couch. They will think its kind of cute, and be much more foregiving. You can't let her know you haven't slept.
    You musnt ever do anything to rouse her suspicions. You must keep your addiction to the JRE and crystal methamphetamine a classified, highly guarded, well kept secret by any means necessary.

  5. Petr Yan is an elite contender I dont doubt his skills but I dont get why wins over a small out of prime small Dodson and Rivera whos on losing streak make him the next contender to everyone…Yan acts like hes the Tony Ferguson of the BW division…relax you delusional fool…Sterling should be next but hell probably end up having to fight Yan for an interim belt because the UFC is so hard on Yan…Hes even being added to the UFC game…lol hes the next Darren Till. So many other top contenders have been on top of their divisions forever and arent even in the game yet lol

  6. What dipshits actually dislike the podcast? Why are you even clicking on the podcast if you know you don’t like it? I’m clueless on the thought process there

  7. I remember the MMA SHOW #1 like it was last month. Time flies if you’ve been a fan for a while because you always see a podcast and think “damn thats was a 2 years ago??”


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