JRE MMA Show #67 with Kevin Lee

Joe is joined by UFC Welterweight fighter Kevin Lee.

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  1. I still dont understand why joe likes kevin lee so much. Hes on the same cringe level as cejudo. Only difference is cejudo has accomplishments kevin lee has never really done anything. Every time he fights a top 5 opponent he gets destroyed. He has no cardio and barely makes it out of the 1st round.

  2. I love Kevin but he really needs to face the reality a bit more and see that there’s a big problem with his cardio that needs to be fixed and stop accepting big names like RDA, at least for now.

  3. helio gracie was not a large framed man. therefore, unlike those extremely strong, powerful, and large framed japanese men of the late 1800s, he had to learn to fight from his back and use leverage to win fights.

  4. Humble Kevin Lee here…those loses have brought him back to earth and hes talking much clearer and hes guna make the necessary changes to his camp…remember hes only 25-6 hope the best for him.

  5. Kevin seems like a nice dude. To see a fighter who has skills, sort of not be able to swim because they got thrown off balance (with his coach passing) truly is tragic. I hope he finds the right fit, and can start to put it together more. Comment sections are cool with jokes and such, but positive impact is meaningful.

  6. Before this I thought of Kevin Lee as arrogant.. boy was I wrong. Hes struggling with some internal stuff some pain and loss. If he addresses this and controls it he will be champ. This is a man who just needs the rite support and he can take this all the way.


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