JOSEPH PARKER TRAINER BARRY EXPLAINS LESSONS LEARNED FROM ANTHONY JOSHUA LOSS; WANTS ANOTHER SHOT recently caught up with Kevin Barry, world-class trainer of former heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, who talked about a number of subjects. You don’t want to miss what he had to say about their future plans and much more. Check it out!


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  1. This guy is a tool. If Parker wants to get another crack at the title he needs to ditch his idiot. Stop fucking crying you cock. Parker would have caught an uppercut on the inside and that would have been lights out.

  2. Joe lost because before the fight you gave too much in imo and most them you always talk about your tactics and what you and Joe intends to do on fight night.In some of them I watched talk about what you think AJ love to do in a ring and what he’s not good at and how you will take advantage of that.Videos of Joe in camp and some of the things he was doing was all over the YouTube.Do you think AJ and his team are dumb and wouldn’t take advantage of this to prepared well for the fight?How any times did you see AJ coach grant interview and talking tactics as much as you did before the fight?yes age came into the fight lighter because from the day the fight was announced you made it know Joe will come into the fight lighter and the video of him loosing weight was later shown on YouTube,no sees what AJ look like before the fight week except one unclear video where people weren’t even sure if he was the one.AJ fought the way he did because you talk too much before the way and gave away tactics and that helped AJ a lot to prepared and fought the way he did.

  3. Parker blew his chance, he just does not have that killer instinct. The ref did help AJ tho but Parker needs to be far more aggressive if he fighting an elite boxer.

  4. Joshua is 6'6 with a 82inch reach N wilder is 6'8 with a 84 inch reach it's ironic how Vladimir/Martin N Parker came to ur home soil to fight for unification but that pussy Joshua can't even come to the USA N except the 50million$ he asked for upfront aswell as getting no heat for being a liar N a coward

  5. Barry got exposed as a fraud, advising Parker to keep trying to double jab a guy who was clearly out jabbing him – Barry was in deep water and couldn't swim – not the Italian ref – one of the worst displays of training advice ever seen at that level.

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