JOSEPH PARKER TELLS ANTHONY JOSHUA “THESE ARE MINE” AND LEAVES HIM IN SUSPENSE ON HOW HE’LL BEAT HIM was on hand in England where undefeated IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and undefeated WBO heavyweight champion held the final press conference leading up to their highly-anticipated unification showdown. Check out the scene as both fighters spoke to the media in attendance.


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  1. parker's off to present the 6 clock news hahahaha trouble with parker's boring old statements is he said the same old shit in his last 5 fights yet didn't have it in him to K.O 5 average boxers for fucks sake lol

  2. Lets see how parker feels after about 6-7 rounds of AJ`s big strong ass leaning on him trying to knock his head off his shoulders. "Everybody has a plan until they get hit up side the Head"; Mike Tyson.

  3. Too much talk, he’s saying he’s young is Anthony old? He’s just 28 and who have you fought that could have earn you a big resume, fast in what way bro when that punch hits you Then you’ll realize what’s up

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