Joker Cinematographer Explains The Impact of Color in Film | Vanity Fair

“Joker” cinematographer Lawrence Sher explains the impact color has on film. Using several of his films as examples, including “The Hangover,” “Garden State,” and “Paul.” Sher explains how hue, saturation, and light affect the mood, style, and story of a film.

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Joker Cinematographer Explains The Impact of Color in Film | Vanity Fair

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  1. I’ve never felt the need to see a movie in theaters more than once, but I’ve seen joker 4 times and plan on seeing it at least one more time. I’ve never been moved by a movie quite like this one moved me. It honestly feels like a new experience every time I see it. It’s incredible.

  2. I was actually talking to my friends about probably taking a practice in cinematography and how I think color balance was important to telling a story, and I SPECIFICALLY used the new Joker film and The Hangover as prime examples!!

  3. I really like this guy. One thing that always bothers me is why the behind the scenes talent doesn't get much attention in pop culture especially stuff like inviting them to talk shows. I completely get why the actors are the main attraction, they are the face of the movie but it couldn't hurt to have a dude like this as a guest once in a while. I think we cheat ourselves out of seeing and leaning about some cool people with journeys just as interesting if not more than the actors.

  4. List of movies to study
    – The Conformist (1970)
    – The Social Network (2010)
    – Million Dollar Baby (2004)
    – Garden State (2004)
    – The Hangover (2009)
    – Paul (2011)
    – Joker (2019)


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