John Witherspoon: Steve Harvey Tried to Look Like Richard Pryor, Pryor’s the Best (Part 2)

Watch Part 1:
John Witherspoon spoke to VladTV about starting out as an emcee at The Comedy Store and later opening up for Richard Pryor. He also spoke about hustling during the old days and working at Gucci during the day and The Comedy Store at night. 

During the conversation, John spoke about watching Pryor work for six months on his album, and how he made people laugh while George Carlin made them think. To hear more, including being on Richard’s NBC show, hit the above clip.


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  1. 80s babies wouldn't know about Richard Pryor. Millennials are like the worst generation ever lol. What did they witness that was an historic moment exactly lol?

  2. Willie's brother: "Tastes so good, makes you want to slap yo mama! Right, Willie?"
    Willie: "Right! Mama, come here!"
    Willie's mama while walking towards Willie: "What is it?"
    Willie slaps mama

  3. He said that one line about Steve Harvery and y'all named the video after it and he's not even talking about the man lmao. Y'all stay doing this.

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