John Witherspoon on Doing Friday, Boomerang, Boondocks (Full Interview)

In this full interview, John Witherspoon reflects on appearing in Friday, Boomerang, and the Boondocks. Witherspoon admits that for many of his roles he adlibbed and directors would get mad at him. During the interview, he revealed some unknown details such as everyone getting $5K for Friday. Furthermore, why Chris Tucker didn’t come back. Watch the full interview.


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  1. Vlad you need to make Weatherspoon a regular guest. Get rid of some of these no name rappers. Especially the ones that get all weird and autistic in interviews.

  2. Vlad, you’re corny af! Stop uploading the same corny shit everytime! Your channel is wack, you sound dumb af and you have no clue what you’re talking about.

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