JOEL DIAZ WARNS PACQUIAO HE’S GETTING KNOCKED OUT AGAIN; REVEALS MATTHYSSE ONLY GUNNING FOR KO was on hand at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California where rising lightweight knockout artist Romero Duno defeated Gilberto Gonzalez via unanimous decision. Check out the scene after the fight as those in attendance talked about the performance and much more.


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  1. for short, anything can happen in boxing. we are talking about a 40 year old half boxer/senator and no Freddie roach Pacquiao here. I'm a huge fan of Manny but he needs to be careful cause Matthyse is a KO artist and his got power especially with his right hand.

  2. Mathysse can't Hurt Manny in any way Men..Joel Diaz..You're Dreaming..The Man can Hurt Manny didn't Born yet at this Time..All of Manny's Opponent Saying Same Thing ever since..they can KO Manny..they can Defeat Manny cause Manny is Old..but's Reverse!!'on Big Mouth..

  3. matthyse gon need to be fully roided to do that eat ur own poop and drink ur own pees i don't see matthyse knocking out Pac too his too slow he got punished by a flat footed garcia now imagine what Pac is gona do to him

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