Joe Rogan Experience #1390 – Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast “The Tim Dillon Show” is available on YouTube & Apple Podcasts.

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  1. Hold up. Did I hear that right? You wanna regulate progress because "we can't keep up?"
    I agree that the exponential growth of the technological revolution is "unnatural" in comparison to evolution… but that logic is very narrow minded and neglects the wider impact that technology has in general. The good often faaaar outweighs the bad. Even if you narrow the context to just the rise of general purpose Robotics and AI regulation is not a solution to your natural fear of change.

  2. Wow. Rogan used to be BALLS DEEP on Tower 7. I can't believe how much he has shifted his point of view after becoming mega popular online especially these last few years namely 2016. No way these are his real opinions. One person's thought process doesn't change that much in just three years from one extremity to the other. They must be up Joe's ass so far that he can't take a breath without feeling them.


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