Joe Rogan Experience #1379 – Ben Westhoff

Ben Westhoff is an award-winning investigative journalist who writes about culture, drugs, and poverty. His new book “Fentanyl, Inc.: How Rogue Chemists Are Creating the Deadliest Wave of the Opioid Epidemic ” is available now on Amazon.

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  1. i broke my spine and pelvis.. stay in scotland all you can get on the street is fake valium and xanax and people are dropping all over
    i have no movement and need pain med but doctors wont do fuck all

  2. I accidentally smoked a synthetic cannabinoid (Black Mamba) and it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I was rushed to hospital in the back of an ambulance. Another argument in favour of legalised cannabis.

  3. My late beloved bother died age 35 from drinking to much water…..he drank small amounts but almost constantly brought on by a compulsion which happened when he was in a bout of depression….I saw him on the Friday and he was gone on the next day…broke our hearts,I only write this as it may help people understand more.

  4. 36:20 We need to detox people from drugs, not a place where an actual certified nurse will help you indulge in slow suicide! And who, in the end, help line up pushers' pockets. They recently opened one such "clinic" in Québec City, and nobody ever voted FOR it , and yet everybody is paying FOR it. When you watch the news, you can hear some genuinely convincing medical practicionners who praise the value of helping addicts inject poison into their veins because : "They need a safe, caring, non-judgemental environment……………. And there I am working my bones off to pay taxes and silently wishing Frank Castle would just pay a visit to La Belle Province.

  5. Dude crack babies are definitely a thing there’s people out there who are hardly humans they are useless always late to everything fall asleep 5 times a day no understanding of consequences and poor comprehension of language


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