Joe Rogan Experience #1377 – Rick Baker

Rick Baker is a retired special make-up effects creator and actor, mostly known for his creature effects and designs. He won the Academy Award for Best Makeup seven times from a record of eleven nominations.

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  1. Get David Lynch on the podcast plz! I don't give a frick about likes but please like this so it might get some attention. David Lynch is a unique person and he is not the youngest guy anymore so there is some urgency for this.

  2. is it weird too you that james cameron's name is almost like james 'camera on' like he was born to direct lol but unfortunately he the only one i can find with that in their name so it must be bullshit

  3. So impressed that Joe knows who all these older make up/fx artists are from the past, like Harryhausen, Jack Pierce, etc. This was a really cool interview and love the interaction between these two guys. Another example of how well Joe's podcast is.

  4. I can vividly recall the scene where David turns into the werewolf and I was absolutely blown away. As a kid I just lapped up the brilliance of the great artistic phenomenon of this film. Next thing I know I’m reading Fangoria cover to cover. Like JR I was inspired by American Werewolf in London and started learning about other creative film artists. Tom Savini, who also made some incredible advances in the art of film and it would be great to hear from him about his background. Rick Baker was a nan I got to know through films and Fangoria. Awesome history.


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