Joe Rogan Experience #1361 – Cmdr. David Fravor & Jeremy Corbell

Commander David Fravor is a retired US Navy pilot, who has a close encounter in 2004 with the so-called Tic Tac UFO, and Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.

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  1. ‘Left at east gate’ is a book about the UFO sightings just outside of Rendelsham airbase in Suffolk, England in 1981. A US security commander called Larry Warren along with many other US service men witnessed a very strange light in the Forrest which return two nights in a row. It’s considered the English Roswell. Joe needs to get Larry on while he’s still here.

  2. 1:10:15 wow jamie revising history in real time.. the wikipedia article clearly says the light "goes up and down" which matches the description we are talking about. but jamie just says "uhh they saw a light"

  3. “I’m not a ufo guy” yet he’s pretending he’s a ufo in the desert and shutting all the lights off in the jet leaning back and looking up in the sky wondering if we are alone… he’s so full of shit

  4. They say non reactive propulsion system I think Mass effect Field. The mass effect series is easily the best way to understand the science of what non reactive propulsion is and how it works

  5. 3 moon 11 earth. How left is that? Oh I'm sorry….1.0. Earth 0.272727 Moon…ok right thinkers. Your both 4/pi ignorant…stupid is every where…the real intelligent design eludes you as bad as the cock sucking CIA that feeds you morons.

  6. Fuck Occam's Razor. It's an ignorant concept. It immediately ruins the user to be aware of the many complex human dynamics well documented and frequent because it is convenient for lazy people to suggest that nobody has ambition and the ability to be organized. Two things which are heavily disproven.

  7. Joe. Please have a guy called James Fox on your podcast. He has great docos like 'Out Of The Blue' & 'I Know What I Saw'. He has a new documentary coming out called ' The Phenomenon ' so would be great to have him on.

  8. Jeremey Corbell looks like a 19th century bicycle salesman. Can South Park please bring back the aliens and parody this dude in the show plz plz? He is asking to be made fun of.

  9. These people are hucksters. I can prove it with one question: If they have the tech to reach us, why would they let us see them?

    If you understand the distances involved, and the issues in reasonably reaching those distances then you know that tech to reach us would be that the tech to evade us would be trivial. So what, their super advanced intersolar, intergalactic space ship. . . got a flat that caused them to crash land? and a rescue party wasn't sent to get their people/shit back? Please.

    You know why I know aliens visitation isn't real? Because if it were, we'd only be useful as foot soldiers, and archeological study. "What was our species like when we were in the atomic age?"

    any decent anthropologist knows you observe, and minimize your impact. You don't abduct people.

    What would they possibly have to gain by doing so?

  10. Even if the craft itself moves in the way described as a ping pong ball in a glass jar going back and forth, I can't imagine how the pilot of any occupants wouldn't be thrown around inside. The craft may defy the laws of physics but how does the interior do the same? You'd probably snap your neck among other things. Not denying anything here, it's just an outlying question.

  11. Look up Captain Eric Brown R.A.F chased a UFO in 1956 in his Vampire jet in Wales. He couldn’t catch it, it was witnessed by other pilots and civilians. Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown was a jet test pilot and has flown more types of aircraft than anyone in history, including all the captured Nazi aircraft. His autobiography is very interesting, he was a very very serious person and thought that the thing he chased was not from this Earth.

  12. I believe an equally accurate interpretation of what those people in the painting of jesus would be could be a representation of the holy trinity? Or potentially the concept of the 3 day resurrection cycle as it is seemingly a 3 framed painting

  13. The most damaging factor to the whole UFO debate on the Rogan thread is that bearded imbecile. His presence causes backlash damn near every time he opens his mouth. He says things that make you skeptical because he's clearly a salesman with a low IQ. Last time he was just telling people to believe and take things as facts because of names he drops of others.

    I do find so much interesting but he makes me doubt I should because he clearly is not worth listening to. I hope Rogan can get Bob Lazar and future guests on this subject to come in without this cheerleader douchebag. He make Rogan look bad for having him on. Rogan handles it as best he can but this little twerp just cannot shut the F up and let the adults talk.


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