Joe Rogan Experience #1353 – Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is a musician and filmmaker. His new film “3 From Hell” is available in select theaters this week and everywhere in October.

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  1. Rob Zombie's idea of humility – "Back in 1892 when I did everything cool before anyone knew what cool was, I did cool stuff and I just don't even remember it, because I'm so cool I don't care, but every story I tell is from the past … that I don't even remember." Alain Jourgensen ripoff poser

  2. Rob Zombie is totally right about all the weak and entitled kids, an college students with their "safe spaces" these days. An all this "anti bullying" nonsense, that pretty much stemmed from acouple cases of kids killing themselves. An "online bullying" that went too far and resulted in the suicides of a few kids, which easier said then done but very young children shouldn't even have access to the internet. Which may be harder to do now a days, but reflects back on parenting for the most part. Either keeping them off or limiting their access to the internet, an otherwise in explaining to their kids that they don't KNOW these people and these people don't know them. An you're always going to have who will say hurtful things, an that's it's really not that serious or personal. An that none of these younger kids should ever have access to a damn GUN, which definitely falls back on the responsibility of parents. It's all overkill and is a bit ridiculous. I mean *direct bullying * EVERY DAY someone goes to school etc, can obviously become a bit excessive at some point.
    In which case it should absolutely be addressed, but "online bullying" even though that can almost be even crazier. If someone is suddenly being made fun of by THOUSANDS of people online around the world, that they don't even know. But that's the point of it too, these are people that these kids DON'T EVEN KNOW and really shouldn't care about. An who they DON'T have to be immersed in the conversation with or pay ANY attention to the messages that they're getting from these people in the first place. So it's ALL blown out of proportion and handled the WRONG WAY, but I agree with what Rob Zombie was saying about being bullied and made fun of.

    An how often times this is the driving force and catalyst behind people CHANGING their lives, usually for the better and working even harder at their successes. Whether that's people calling someone "fat," when maybe they do need to lose some weight. Sure people can say things in a nicer way, but people are cruel, they're kids, an they don't necessarily even know each other. An the message isn't necessarily received in the same way, as it is when somebody is made fun of for something or embarrassed in front of their peers. Or being made fun of for their acne or for being poor and wearing handed down cloths, allot of things that kids and people in general are made fun of for, that pushes them to want to change these things. An without SOME of that occurring in their earlier years of life, they may grow complacent with whatever the issue is concerning. Or believe that something is perfectly fine and completely accepted, when it's NOT. Some things like "weight," CAN affect the jobs people get. Either because of simply their appearance, as ignorant as it may be or physical restrictions that may literally inhibit them from performing tasks and therefore from gaining certain jobs. An may actually affect their success financially and/or their social relationships with people, an their sexual life with girlfriends or boyfriends. An the stuff people go through an are put through, DOES actually build up strength and personal character. So to completely buckle down on this kind of thing, an to take extreme measures to restrict an punish people for bullying. Is to weaken people to the reality that they're GOING TO inevitably experience at some point in their life, an to weaken their character and the natural coarse of things.
    But it also turns into an issue of censorship that effects and restricts EVERYONE, an in actuality just hands the position of bullying over to the Government. In PUNISHING and FINING people for "bullying" and basically "teasing" people, something that may effect people emotionally but they CAN CHOOSE to ignore an/or walk away from these words or issues. An makes it into something that the Government and Law ENFORCES on people, by then PHYSICALLY bullying the "bully." Fining and/or punishing people, an potentially landing them in juvenile detention or JAIL.
    Which is not only the Govt FURTHER bullying, but THREATENING people. Which if somebody's bullying of another person includes or turns into verbal an/or physical "threats," that may be a reasonable measure to take. But for people simply "teasing" and "verbally bullying," that's incredibly dumb and excessive. An only further assists the Government in restricting and censoring the internet and "Free Speech" for everyone, because certain people are offended an/or can't handle words of criticism and childish cruelty.


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