Joe Rogan Experience #1352 – Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a cosmologist and physics professor specializing in dark energy and general relativity. He is a research professor in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology.His new book “Something Deeply Hidden” is now available and also look for “Sean Carroll’s Mindscape Podcast” on Apple Podcasts.

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  1. The problem with all these nerds is that they are nerds. Completely capable of understanding the core concepts of quantum mechanics, but none of the analogies or intuitive salesmanship or persuasion needed to convey the concepts to a layman.

    They always try earnestly, but it is always clunky and never put into analogous description of the common world. What we need a quantum mechanic that is also salesman and/or coach.

  2. I love how simple a man Sean is. He doesn’t pontificate, talk particularly ornately, or have a condescending attitude. He explains things and talks in general very simply and elegantly. I had an anatomy/physiology professor who was the same way, and they make the best teachers. They’re low key geniuses.

  3. there already doing it the theorist are in Vegas. the spreads lines all that like he said theses guys wanna talk about particles. and the guys that got kicked out and got hired by the casinos. especially when you 12 or 15 ppl in your audience in lectures who cares if you guys get together and talk pilopshy if ur into the theorist so you can teach the world cause you it was sloppy. I compare it to sports and especially football gambling they are clearly using quantum mechanics. or any match up sports. each player or player match and each probability of a lot of different things. quantum mechanics goes into the reason why sports gambling is legal they have a great handle on it so much now they the best theorist are in Vegas and this how they use this line to push ppl to the house favor….


  5. Quantum Immortality goes so far, that, given enough times, a person standing next to an exploding nuclear bomb would be untouched.
    I just don't think that that would be true. No matter hoe many times you would try.

  6. Wait, so what he is saying is that when you observe quantum mechanics it acted differently than when you’re not watching it but if it comes together it’ll change direction of one is moving up or down and the other is going left or right. Perhaps that is why you can’t affect the other you in other reality because you have no access of changing it or affect it in any way. But if you’re to be collided with the other you then like the particle of quantum mechanics it’ll go the other way around. As if when you meet your other selves then for sure the path of your life won’t be as it was before. Now the question is “is there any way we can think of to channel that other reality?” How about dreams? Memories? Are you the same as you are in your dream? Is dream a memory? Is dream a reality of other you living another universe? Since you have no control over it.

  7. The more time goes on the more I can't stand Joe Rogan. …in fact I'm surprised more ppl aren't just tired of the same thing over and over too…his guests are good usually, but Joe is the exact same in every podcast the formula never changes. ….it's getting old.

  8. I was sitting playing Gwent while listening to this, and I almost got a headache from the number of things that were being said. Like, I had to pause it like Joe called it, and remind it. This podcast made me question life and the things I was doing.


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