Joe Rogan Experience #1348 – Bill Burr

Bill Burr is a standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “The Monday Morning Podcast”. His new special “Paper Tiger” is now streaming on Netflix.

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  1. I find myself being disinterested in all the things that I used to like..

    Have nothing but time to watch everything, but feel too impatient and disinterested to do it.

  2. Do you think that two old guys like them will ever realize what awful SHIT music they listen to…like ACDC and Tool….ugh, so gross 😛
    And they think thats actual good music….blows my mind, haha…
    I guess its better than today generation listening to Naz and Beiber…but wow..95% of people just have such terrible taste in music.

  3. I don't think Bill has any video material / special / stand-up, uploaded online i haven't re-watched countless times and still watching (everything i was able to get my hands on) and everytime i'm laughing from ear to ear and its always entertaining, funny and brings warmth to my poor soul. Burr is the friend you never had, you always wanted, you still look around for, and you'r always ready to roll the dice's just to meet that person. I would give everything to hang around Burr.

  4. it's interesting listening to famous comics talk about what they had to endure to make it – i'm a musician in that stage where people seem like they like what i play at shows but sometimes i bomb hard and wonder why anyone would ever pay me again to play at their venue. just gotta keep plugging away, learning from mistakes, improving material, keep doing shows. thanks bill burr.


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