Joe Rogan Experience #1347 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.

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  1. Joe, if I wanted to listen to nails grating on a chalkboard I would have downloaded that instead. Good god man this was painful to listen to, time to take this guest out to pasture, or as they say in the fighting world: hang up the gloves on this one.

  2. I have loved every previous conversation that Joe and Neil have had. I have watched them all multiple times. This one was very different. Neil was completely insufferable the entire time. He had no interest in an actual conversation. He just wanted to talk for 2 hours. He interrupted every time Joe tried to talk. He repeatedly got agitated at Joe's questions. Very strange.

  3. The future of stealth i invented that when i was 9 . i figured out the multiple viewpoint problem too . you have spherical pixels instead of 2d flat surface for projection . and a computer system that senses the pupils of onlookers and calculated the color projection angels for all visable degrees. The suit is fiberoptics woven like muscle strands with the spherical pixels at all the ends . this can fool multiple observers in a 360° radius …. Im way ahead of my time .

  4. Hey mister science genius,
    Water takes up more space when it freezes because the H-O-H bonds form a crystalline lattice type structure, meaning it's now rigid but at a larger volume than when liquid.

  5. In answer to Paul Revere's ubiquity, the perpetuation of his name may have well-marketed roots in capitalism (the original military-industrial relationship at that) as Paul Revere's copper company was used to sheath the frigate Constitution.
    Eleven years after his death in 1829, his legacy company, Revere Copper Company delivered 150,000 pounds of copper sheathing to the Charleston Navy Yard.
    And, the name has lived on to its current iteration, Revere Ware, made in the far-east and available in US stores.

  6. I mean if an astrophysicist tweets about astrophysics, I'm sure people will be yeah he probably knows what he's talking about. But if an astrophysicist tweets about a controversial subject not well understood in climatology, people are probably not going to take that as well…

  7. 2nd time watching this around it got better. While Neil interrupted alot and in a few moments Joe seemed irritated, they both still seemed happy. It was just one of those days. And the concepts they talked about were absolutely incredible.

  8. I was going through the comments before I started watching and I figured it was a lot of group thinking going on in terms of him interrupting him constantly but now I see that everybody was spot-on..

    He seems too be on some type of uppers and trying to avoid the controversy that he finds himself in it's so obvious

  9. Jesus Christ!! That was fucking awkward I felt like my parents were arguing at the dinner table. Do I get up and finish my homework or do I stay at the table and finish my dinner???

  10. NDT is terrified because he thinks he is on Elon musks level of intelligence and I get the feeling he is trying desperately to prove how smart he is to everyone watching this and especially Joe…


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