Joe Rogan Experience #1337 – Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw is a politician and former United States Navy SEAL officer serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 2nd congressional district since 2019.

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  1. I like Crenshaw but he seems a bit naive to me regarding his fellow colleagues. Obviously, I know nothing. But the guy is brand new and at the lowest level of Congress. Obviously he doesn’t see many lobbyists, he’s not a senator nor a representative of a major district. He’s one guy out of 36 in his state alone.

  2. Joe "lobbyists huge problem in our political system "
    Dan "as far as I've seen iobbyists influence is way overblown "
    Joe" You've been a sitting Senator how long ?"
    Dan "7 months"
    Joe " natural gas may be up 15% but just fracking has caused environmental damage , Fire coming from water hoses and an incredible increase in earthquake activity around the mined areas."
    Dan " oh in the past couple of years the industry has come up with new processes and cleaned up to make it a cleaner extract and severely diminish the earthquakes.".
    Joe " really? I haven't heard that could you tell me where you got that information from?"
    Dan " Well I don't have the details on me at present "
    Joe " it seems to me the state of California would be an absolutely incredible source of solar energy, imagine if we put solar panels on everybody's roof tops, the amount of energy that would be generated would not only run most major urban areas but most likely the rural areas also."
    Dan " We are nowhere near having the battery capacities to store that amount of energy , also the sun only shines 12 hours a day.. plus people don't realistically take into account the cost of solar panels themselves and the installation and the immense conversion cost."
    Editors Note, — the cost of solar panels has decreased within the last decade I do believe by up to 70%, also the fact that the Old Brick style big thick panel extremely hard to work with panels have now become so thin that you can actually roll them out like carpet. Not to mention the systems that would run your solar panels and energy collected do store them within your household, and any excess you can actually sell back to the energy companies….. With a basic investment of apparently 12 to $15,000 you can have a return on your investment within a couple years and actually have a small money making business selling your excess solar energy like I said back to to the power companies…… Back to the program.
    Joe " So you are saying that the technology for solar and wind are nowhere near what is needed to be scalable?"
    Dan " Well I I actually don't have the details on me right now"
    Yada yada yada and on and on the bullshyt out of the guy's mouth just keep spewing. Yes I know I did not quote him directly it was mostly a screwed together amalgam just to get the point across. My suggestion to Dan is in the future bring some details hahaha or should I say ladies and gentlemen the next president of the United States…….!!!!

  3. Joe Rogan claims that marijuana makes people nicer to each other, yet he gets really aggressive and arrogant when any of his guests Express the slightest reluctance in legalizing marijuana

  4. I respect this this guy, he's a navy seal, and he has served this country, but my god he's stupid. He literally just went down the check list of how to be a right wing politic. No wonder he's a reprisentive of the right wing. Doesn't think for himself. He looked up every right wing talking point and went with it, because he wants future votes. And no I'm not some leftist that blindly follows the left. All of you bums that consider yourself right or left wing are dumb!!! I can't wait for this country to make a party that isn't brain dead and actually thinks for whats right. Not playing this idiotic brain dead politics game.

  5. Joe there are armed guards at EVERY school, pre school, shopping mall, or public place in Israel. As an American citizen who lives in Israel, it bothers me so much that such a large number of people are opposed to this in America. If there's a guard at a public place, someone with the intent to do damage will think twice before doing anything, or better yet, be stopped dead in the their tracks by someone's who's JOB IT IS to stop them.

    There are literally thousands of out-of-work war veterans that would want nothing more than to protect their fellow citizens on the homefront, let alone children.

  6. All the arguments for legalizing weed… could be used for guns. The cartels would start selling the guns.

    Just like when left was deadly against even taxing Mexico 2% bc its raise prices of products and blah blah blah.

    Yet, left wants to raise taxes on American corporations from 20% to 35% which is almost double (aka eliminate Trumps cuts)… Yet somehow say the right is lying when they say it’ll hurt our companies.

    Left says they care so much about saving lives when it comes to guns… Yet when it comes to aborting more babies than are born in NYC they celebrate that. When it comes to the 10,000’s that are killed from fetanyl but yet are against the wall.

    Guess my point is, there’s just no consistency what so ever… and it exposes the left as being simply loyal to whoever pays them. Charter schools are another example. They work like crazy but want to keep kids in schools that are more prone to violence, dropping out, etc.

    I try really hard to not be bias and see where the left is coming from… But these examples plus many more just make me question whether they believe it or whether they only care about the shit they like… And are fine with taking away the things other people like because it doesn’t effect them

  7. I would of said we smoke weed the same way we drink alcohol. We don't drink medical alcohol.. It's just pleasurable. As long as we say the truth about the effects weed can have like dont drink and drive. Dont smoke n do wgatever. Biggest point is no one should get arrested for pot. No one should have their eighth or gram confiscated that they paid for.

  8. 9:00 " Why keep troops in Syria? Iraq? Afghanistan?" Dan's first lie. Our troops do NOT keep Americans safe by being over there. Trip-wires for War make every American less safe. The USA is over there because ne0-con traitors like Dan Crenshaw control US Foreign Policy

  9. on one hand he claims that guards at schools with guns wouldn't be right then on the other claim we need more background checks. whats more background checks going to do? the parkland shooter had the fbi called many times and the fbi failed, Columbine shooters had warning signs all over them, the boston bombers the US government was told by russia to watch the older brother very close, the uncle moved his family away from them and had nothing more to do with them. the CO theater shooter told his doctor he wanted to kill as many people as he could. these problems all could of been stopped/prevented if people said something to law enforcement and if law enforcement did their jobs the right way. terrorism is treated in this way ( see something say something ) if people spoke up then 90% could of been prevented and if the fbi did it's job the right way the other 10% could of been prevented. ( when i say these i mean the ones i pointed to in this comment )


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