Joe Rogan Experience #1335 – Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is an actor and stand up comedian. His new stand up special “Quality Time” will premieres August 16th on Amazon Prime.

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  1. I love how Jim Gaffigan, a Democrat, is complaining about how the public demonizes the White male when it's actually the left-leaning people that constantly bring up race.

    The left eating their own.

  2. That Impractical Jokers show is idiotic. Unfortunately I've had to endure watching it briefly a few times and I never heard anything remotely funny. Just those dudes 'acting' like they are hysterical.
    BUT, if I was 10 years old it would probably be good.

  3. Gaffigan just keeps on going with the Elk sarcasm. We get it bro. Joe looks like he's getting irritated by it too. It was funny the first few times but it's getting to the point where he sounds like he's trying to make Joe look stupid. Nothing wrong with hunting and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I don't even hunt but I understand why it's good for certain populations and the draw to it.

  4. I love Amazon, great company starts employees at 15 an hour, health insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, stock options, college reimbursement, it's crazy that Democratic candidates lie about Amazon so much. Now Amazon promoting non pc comedians which is great in today's cancel culture.

  5. Right. I can't afford prime. You have pissed me off within 3 min. Joe…you are sucking so much cock. Good for you…gaf….full of shit….fuck yoy both….cant believe i liked u guys at one time..fuck me…fuck u

  6. Jim, as soon as you start paying for my amazon prime, I’ll watch your special. I do indeed have high speed internet, but I don’t need every streaming platform available.

  7. I disagree with Jim and Joe about the Amazon Prime thing. I would say a vast majority of the people that do have great internet and spend time on it, don't have Amazon Prime.

  8. Jim Gaffigan's the man. My favorite comedian. And, Ari Shaffir…. Didn't he do The Amazing Racist? Funny as hell but no way would they be able to put something like that up today – not in this political climate.

  9. Hey! Instead of this Joe Rogan moderates the DNC 2020 debates nonsense… how about a 4 hour podcast with Joe and 3 candidates?!

    REAL long-form conversation, sans 15 second sound bite grabbing.

    That’s what TF I want to see!

  10. Conservatives are the ones known for morals, strong family values, hard work, law and order, and a love for all people. This narrative of conservatives being evil is spread by media and tech companies. I feel sorry for anyone who has fallen for the false narrative and think Trump supporters are evil. We just want a strong country with family values and prosperity for all.

    I hope this anti white anti conservative anti man culture dies off, if not the repercussions will be terrible for everyone.

  11. Yup, the Irish have their own language. It sounds nothing like English. Listen to Sean Nos music, you can hear them singing in Irish. I tried to learn the language, picked up a few words. Unfortunately, not having anybody to practice with, I never could move it on further than learning some songs and saying. If you are Irish-American, get in touch with some of this, don't be a "plastic paddy". Anybody interested in it regardless of race or whatever should check it out just for experiencing a little of a new culture. Check out on youtube "Come West Along The Road" the TV show, you'll eventually come across the the language, the dancing, the lilting, instrumental playing, and singing…. like the 4 elements of Sean Nos. Crazy to think that my people used to speak the language, before we all became derivatives of Anglo-Saxon Culture here in the States.

  12. I have a prime membership… I’ll still never use their platform. Just saying. Something about the principle of not giving my entertainment money to the same place I give my necessities money


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