Joe Rogan Experience #1334 – Fahim Anwar

Fahim Anwar is an actor and stand up comedian. Check out his special on Amazon called “Fahim Anwar: There’s No Business Like Show Business”.

**Recording Note: The recording/encoding of this file was corrupted and slight sync/speed issues exist.**

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  1. This dude is turning into a whiney has been I listen to less and less. Anyone else tired of the way he puts his standards on people and intimidates his friends to agree with him? The way he treats his assistant Jamie when that fool never disrespects Joe (not that I've heard) Joe seems to constantly be stroking his own ego and often imposes his opinions on his guests getting loud when he feels hes right ( to intimidate imo) and now the beige frequency bs… SCHAUB AINT A COMEDIAN. DOES JOE NEED BRENDAN TO SUCK SO HE SEEMS NOT SO BAD AS THE "KING OF ALL THINGS COMEDY, PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE.

  2. Hey I'm a joe Rogan and Brendan shaub fan. I know I misplaced it but what does everyone think about the company that supports Joe's podcast silencing negative videos on his podcast. Also Brendan. After he gets upset when it happens to his friends? Fan remember. Just heard alot today wanna know opinions

  3. Btw I would scrap Joe Rogan cause he says he fights but only has 1 video of him fighting. Its him walking out and kicking a guy once in the head…. I dont care to win but I'm saying he ain't the scrapper people may think. I have no FORMAL training but shit he wouldnt step to this 140 lbs cause he aint bad like that…. Hes a cool dude but has no real fighting experiance or hed step the fuck up. Whatsup Joe Rogan I say your a PHONEY what you wanna do? Nothing? Alright then… Bitch.

  4. 1st they fuckup the lighting's/contrast of the video quality. and now you're getting corrupted files. I think Milo was right last time he was on the skanks. rogan's gonna go downhill and something's about to pop worse than the last vagina comic he had on.

  5. Next time have a backup battery audio field recorder running independently on the table incase something goes wrong with the microphones and you have a backup file to replace the audio.

  6. That number seems kinda bullshit because we had 30 students in each class in school I remember each of them, a total of about 150 right there, then I still remember all the teachers. I also remember all from college. So I'd say the number of more like around 500


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