Joe Rogan Experience #1332 – Annie Lederman

Annie Lederman is a stand up comedian. She is also the host of “MEANSPIRATION” podcast on All Things Comedy.

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  1. Seriously, I watch this all the time. Even the MMA interviews and I have no interest in fighting. But this by far the worst guest he’s ever had. She was trying way to hard to be funny and it was painful to listen too.

  2. I dont get why female comedians are generally so unlikeable with the over compensating and vagina talk, and tho she ticks all those boxes she's actually not annoying somehow.

    Maybe cause shes catty daddys millennial daughter

  3. I am Anarchist so you could say I'm on they "left" or whatever you want to call it. I would call myself an up-tist because progressing is neither right, left or backward. I could probably start a stupid semantics war over this just because I'd like to disassociate from the psychosis of our political BS, but I digress. People complaining about gender tags isn't a party thing. Its an American thing. The right wingers I work with flip the fuck out and cry about their rights to their religion when I'm just stating an opinion. Not trying to take their rights. I just think it's childish to have invisible friends called angels and gods. Childish actions happens on both sides to an equal degree. Most Americans are too insecure to let go of Starbucks so how can they criticize themselves?


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