Joe Rogan Experience #1330 – Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.

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  1. The problem also with these assault rifles is if you ban them good luck getting those guns out of people's houses that legally registered them and what not. There's so many in circulation Now by this point it almost doesn't matter if you made them legal or not. I would also venture to wonder how many of these Mass shooters that did use assault rifles bought them brand new or got them off of someone that's had them for years.

  2. The execution of trades are taxed indirectly, once a profit is made , and also through taxing the brokers profits . Bernie wants to tax every trade ? Even if the trade is a loss ? People don’t view trading as work , but’s it’s a huge learning curve and takes a psychological toll . Fuck off Bernie

  3. All these costly ideas who is going to pay all this? debt increased the most ever over a presidential term with Obama if Bernie becomes president he will crush Obamas debt raising record.. Google it

  4. He's so down to earth and real in his assessment of american society and how change will come about.
    If this is what a "far leftist" looks like, then way until you meet an actual communist. What he's advocating for is purely logical, reasonable, doable and supported by a majority of americans.

  5. I lean right, but must say Bernie did a great job. Great move coming on as many here have said, great talker. But reality is, most… if not ALL of his solutions are just not realistic for our country and it’s present day state. It’s easy to say “oh it works because this country is doing it and it’s not a new idea!” but the USA is unique in many ways and those countries have issues we don’t have as well. The repercussions from these ideas will come, many things will collapse. All because he thought the “solutions” to intensely complex issues were simply minor changes anyone can think of. It sounds great! But it won’t work. I agree with trying some but others cannot be put to risk just because it’s doing something instead of nothing. Socialism does not work and although Bernie’s heart is at the right place, it will always be used against him to manipulate him by the ones who’s hearts aren’t. It’s a psycho infested country filled with passionate people who are traditional and not psycho and just want their 2nd amendment. It’s an opportunity dreamland for work so people want to live here and work hard but theirs people coming in messing things up, it’s filled with some of the smartest and most talented doctors and researchers but also plenty of debt filled or greedy ones that rather take a check from a big pharma and risk a patient becoming an addict than go broke after half their life spent studying. It’s not easy to solve these issues. They slowly need to be tackled individually so we can rebuild. And we may never fully get there but it’s worth a try. I think that’s Bernie’s message and intention is to try something but he just can’t seem to find the right things to try.

  6. 00:50 Dnc, I don't understand why there's so many. Wouldn't that break up the votes, giving Trump an advantage?
    5:05 I don't believe Health care is a right. But, I do think it should be affordable, or you should be able to buy medication from other countries at a discounted price. Also, those counties with "free" healthcare, pay high taxes.
    11:25 I agree those billion dollar company's have a lot of power. However that doesn't give anyone the right to take it.
    16:45 Education is important. I'd like to point out though, there are a lot of programs being implemented, sex ed specifically, that is quite disturbing, kids learning and being subjected to, that in my opinion, shouldn't.
    17:50 What types of energy does he propose? To combat "climate change"?
    19:00 That won't benefit small business. Don't have kids out of wed lock. Or at a young age, when you haven't got your s%#t together. The fed. minimum wage is $7.50, many states are higher. Also depends on cost of living, in the particular area. $15 dollars an hour, will just cause companies to implement more self checkouts, lay offs, kiosks etc. Cost of housing, is also part of gentrification. It's not about raising the minimum wage, then landlords, will be like, oh they can afford to pay me more now. Are we all gonna forget bernies workers asked for $15 an hr, so he cut their hrs, to pay them $15 per hour?
    22:40 Ya well, jeff bezos is friends with jeffrey epstein, and he aslo rode the lolita express, but we won't bring that up, oh wait. Doesn't the tax break bring more jobs< aren't they hiring more people? Aren't they building a new headquarters, bringing more jobs?
    29:10 Take away tax breaks, to pay for healthcare and college? Cool, there goes millions of jobs.
    34:30 An assault rifle by definition, has select fire, meaning it can go from semi-auto, to fully-auto, not your average citizen owns that. If you can go into a gun show, without a background check, why wouldn't criminals just go there, rather than pay a mark up price on the streets? hmmmm
    42:20 I think we need less psychotropic drugs, and more mental facilities.
    46:45 Agreed
    1:01:01 Where do we get the energy, to replace fossil fuels? Solar pollutes too. How are the panels made? How about the batteries?
    1:06:59 Aliens exist.

  7. don't take bs college classes that are never going to lead to you getting a job or try a trade school why do we all have to pay the price for people being stupid?

  8. Historically, tax breaks for the wealthy have resulted in lower unemployment and greater prosperity for the country. The people with the most amount of money are the reason we are all employed, with the exception of government jobs.

  9. Its a shame that whilst the majority of people have learnt since 2016 that Bernie is STILL making the same tired accusations and the same inaccurate statements. He comes across a s a great and honest guy but dear lord he doesnt have a CLUE about economics – the only thing he has right is the poor motivations of big pharma.


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