Joe Rogan Experience #1324 – Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards is a stand up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “Soccer Comic Rant” on iTunes/Stitcher. His new special “Bill Burr presents Ian Talk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading” premieres July 12 on Comedy Central.

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  1. Stop making generalized comments about Adderall.

    You're the shit, Joe.. but I can't stand the comparison to meth. You say it, people eat it up, and next thing you know, taking a medication that helps you, becomes a stigma. Imagine being able to manifest your ideas and make things happen after being prescribed.. and all those times before, when you had a good idea, but instead decided to wander off and do something unproductive. Imagine a tv flipping channels every 5 seconds.. a radio on scan.. and the next day, bang, you're able to prioritize and spearhead projects.. and able to take pride in that extra 30 mins of detail added when completing tasks.
    Think back to the teachers who hated you for screaming out the answer first without raising your hand.. unable to sit still in your seat.. with a mind full of everything other than the subject at hand.. but when you were super interested in something, it was your world.. (for a week lol)

    Yes, some people give it a bad name. But same goes with everything, like you've said many times before, and that's why I look for a new Joe Rogan Experience episode when I get home from work each and every day.
    I'm not trying to be a dbag, I've just heard the same talk over and over by people who think its some kind of a band-aid, "1up", or "methy". Its basically what coffee is to coffee drinkers. Most of those people have some adhd traits(unbeknownst to them) that are leveled out by caffeine.
    I think the part that bothers me the most is the comparison to meth. I've known people who do meth. Trust me. It is nowhere close to it. Sure, any joeschmo can chew like 10 pills at once and wig the F out.
    Someone can drink a crapload of preworkout and feel the same way.. maybe even worse..

    Your experience with this medication is based on people in the entertainment industry, who usually use adderall to go to extra auditions.. or they only sleep a few hours at night.. or party animal celebs who would easily abuse a bottle of whatever prescription they had in their possession.

    Most people who smoke weed don't like being stigmatized and having to live in denial around society about something that amplifies the way they enjoy things.
    And people who are helped by Adderall, who take it as directed with a full 8 hours of rest, so on and so forth, shouldnt have to live with people comparing them methheads.
    Apologies for the long post. Just had to say how I felt. Hopefully you can see it from both sides.. who knows, maybe you do, it just seems like you really love going in on that "adderall is basically meth" talk.
    I mean.. look at the way they demonized weed waaaay back in the day.

    Keep the great conversations coming.. whether interesting or different.. its cool to see you take on all walks of life.
    Take care, Joe Rogan.

  2. Holy shit!

    I know absolutely nothing about his guest from this interview!

    C’mon, man!

    Long form internet is better than network tv but DUDE!

    Engage the muthafuckin GUEST!

  3. Big up, Soccer Comic! Football has several variations. Association Football=soceer. Rugby Football=Rugby. American Football=Gridiron. Soccer was originally a british term to distinguish it from Rugby and Gaelic Football.

  4. I am less scared of Coyotes in a forrest then on concrete where they walk silently. I live in Canada and if you are sitting on a bench at night you just wait for them to get close and then jump up and blitz punch them on the scull or snout if its going to bite you and if it does you give them one for arm with you fist up like holding a tea cup so they get all bone and then like any wolf or dog you just pinch behind their back molars with your other hand and it makes them let go which then you can stick your hand down their throat or grab their tongue and then get back and start choking. The only K9 I am scared of trying that on is pit bulls

  5. They use mercury as a preservative in some vaccines and injecting mercury into a 6 month old definitely can cause autism in some people fact and thats why the anti vaccination people spoke up there were also court cases ect


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