Joe Rogan Experience #1322 – Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. His improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. He is also currently the announcer and band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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  1. I/R/T acid and the Dead, it all changes once you go to a show. Also, music that was created/intended for a certain drug should be experienced on that drug.

  2. Pierce Morgan doesn't make sense. Howw dumb is it to just fill in what you don't understand. Ah! Godlike being created us!! Must be true!! NO it's pure fantasy.

  3. Joes background is a American flag with alot of brightness then his guest background is dark purple with low lighting. Flashes Flashes flashes look listen look listen no listen no look

  4. Jesus, Joe learning about the practicality of carrying a knife and glass breaker shows he's complete Californicied.
    "What's that, a swiss army knife? There's a blade in there?? Oh my lord! What do you use this for? Is this a cork screw in here? You tryna steal wine??"


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