Joe Rogan Experience #1311- David Pakman

David Pakman is a television & radio host, political commentator, and YouTube personality. He is the host of the internationally syndicated political television and talk radio program The David Pakman Show.

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  1. The problem with “vocal minorities”, is that the Apartheid government in South Africa was also a vocal minority.

    Vocal minorities have a long history of inflicting damage well above their weight-class, which Pakman doesn’t understand. Which is why the crazy left-wingers are going to run roughshod over him, and by the time he realizes it, it’ll be too late.

  2. UK system sucks cause you can't pick your doctor you can't keep your doctor if you move. You can't get basic medications for psoriasis or rosacea. You can forget about getting your skin cancer or acne treated cause it won't kill you.. Profit is the price of efficiency.

  3. Rogan claiming Che was a horrific human being and a sociopath/psychopath is just plain retarded. I'm guessing his CIA friends or maybe some Miami based Cuban exiles told him these unnuanced descriptions. Rogan needs to google source criticism…

  4. Joe "There's a word for that." Rogan

    Great interview nice to see someone on the left who actually knows what the hell they are talking about with just calling people racist/nazis when they disagree.

  5. The system is bloated and full of bullshit. CAT Scans should be 50$. Also, Education is free, find what you want to learn and fucking learn it. Everyone has everything ever known in the history of humanity in their pocket. We need employers to realize information is now open source and we don't need these bullshit colleges to rape us financially to learn things. I'm running my own business in my garage from literally googling how to do everything that has to do with it! From building my machines to operating my machines to designing parts, building a website, marketing on social media, getting an LLC, and so on. Only certain jobs should require certifications like doctors. I also have a 2-year degree that taught me nothing I didn't already know from googling what I needed to know. When the time comes in the next year or so for me to begin hiring people, I wont be hiring anyone based on their school, I will be hiring them based off what they know and the content of their character.

  6. 23:30 This is actually an example of the Ignorant Child approaching the 'Strict' adult with a plan the adult knows wont give him the outcome he wants.
    The 'Strict' adult knows a bit more than the child about the realities of the world and therefore knows that single payer healthcare will be abused on a wide scale and innovation in the healthcare industry will be stifled (meaning no new cancer treatment, experimental surgery, or new meds) which sounds like a bad plan to me.

  7. Couldn't be more wrong about healthcare reform.. it's not that the Right doesn't want it (strict father theorem) it's that they don't want idiot govt running it. They want Trump's plan to open coverage across state lines and let the free market and competition let prices drop.

  8. I think if you ask anybody British about our health system they will moan. But if they went to live in anywhere else in the world they would soon change their mind. In the UK if you are sick you get looked after. It's not perfect but it's better that being to poor to see a doctor

  9. 24:00 Joe "I have friends in Canada" Rogan. Your Canadian friends must be very wealthy if they are traveling to the USA to get surgery without insurance.
    I know lots of Canadians who are not happy with their healthcare and would like to see many things improved. I do not know a single Canadian who would ever accept what the USA has over what Canada has.

  10. The antisemitism isn't just coming from the right. Geesh, some of the creepy stuff that comes out of supposed progressive, left-wing folks. They'll make Jewish people part of the hierarchical ridiculousness.

  11. Joe seems to really have a problem with Sam Seder and probably Michael Brooks. He keeps focusing on people dunking on, specifically, Dave Rubin.


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