Joe Rogan Experience #1310 – Sober October 2019 Preview

Joe is joined by Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer to discuss this year’s Sober October challenge.

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  1. I would suggest Lee "The Flying Jew" be included in Sober October, by proxy. But I'm afraid any exercise may literaly kill the poor "Christ Killer."
    Somebody needs to step in to help Lee; if Uncle Joey won't (or can't). Dude's in trouble. Waaaay too fat & unhealthy. Save a friend, fellas.

  2. So over Fat Brett Crystal I even deleted his podcast from my subs. Straight garbage person. The other good point to that is I never need to hear his hick wifes voice again.

  3. If Rogan runs a marathon a day in October in those stupid Vibram shoes, I'm going to relish in the level stress fractures, shin splints and plantar fasciitis he is experiencing. For someone who thinks he knows so much about running, he may have to learn this one the hard way.

  4. I love Joe, but damn. Lol. This whole sober October thing just revolves around joes interests. The belt, the fitness, no coffee, and he don't wanna dance.

    Yawl should designate one person out the four every year to pick something and have to do it no matter what

  5. " you did 5 miles, your done fore the day" that's Ari, subconsciously convincing them he is not cheating. which we all know he is …

    Like So He Can See This

  6. I truly love all of these guys, but when Joe gets intoxicated he turns in to a massive bully. Seeing Burt and Joe's interactions really make me cringe. Like jesus man

    C'mon Joe! Be open to a challenge that you could possibly lose!

  7. The challenge should be Sober October (No Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, Cannabis, Coffie) Plus 1 Physical challenge (To make Joe happy) Plus the dance off competition (Judged by their wives) Plus a awareness campaign for Mental Health the whole month (Interviews n such).

  8. I love October too much to spend it sober. You really expect me to go to Halloween parties sober? The only reason people chose October for this challenge is because sober October rhymes. If January rhymed with sober, I just may have been able to pull it off.


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