Joe Budden | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 52

It’s the Hotboxin’ Season Finale, and the only way to send us off is squeezing a tornado of podcasting titans into the Hotbox!


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  1. the thing that separates the cowards from the brave is how they deal with the fear.
    the adrenaline is there for a reason, to help you focus
    when you stop being afraid, thats when you have to worry

  2. I think they just respect Mike 100%. Can not say i wouldn't be in the same energy at the beginning.. Mikes a Wise living legend thats lived through the darkest time's of a warriors journey.

  3. They chat a lot of shit sometimes, you know what it's like you sit down with your mates have a few puffs on the cannabis pipe then talk shit, seems every time Mike always seems to get in about being black and how hard life was, getting boring now Mike, maybe you should learn more about the jews and what they went through in the second world war, but blacks are always moaning about how hard they had it, pathetic

  4. Mike is the realist….man we proud of you mike ….love your journey man… Thats why you so funny because we no you telling the truth no make ☝…you can take a dude out the hood but you can never take the hood out of them… We need some merchandise mike please advertise… I will come to the ranch its a dream of mine now 100


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