Jim Jones ‘El Capo’ Album Review | The Joe Budden Podcast

From episode 252 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PGlQ9EoVVM

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  1. That's all I been bumpin to in the g ride since it dropped. Pity In The Summer straight fire. The whole album straight blue flames. Better than the Diplomats album. People sleep on Jim. And if you slept on him last summer go back and check out the album he dropped then. The whole A Bronx Tale motif. Jim is that nigga. And as a 30 year old… You know it's Dipset forever. Juelz might be out here lookin' like he been smokin' his own cooked crack and Cam and Zeek might be on that funny man shit every once in a while but don't get it fucked up. It's Diplomats for life!

  2. Fab and Jim had some real beef between some of the people between street fam and Jim’s goons that nobody knows about and has been finally squashed due to maturity and getting the bag together


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