Check out this behind-the-scenes look during Broner vs. Vargas as world champion Jermell Charlo went live on Instagram as he waited for his brother Jermall shortly after his devastating 2nd round knockout of Hugo Centeno Jr.


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  1. Charlo you think you beat somebody you fought a bird. You're only fighting birds. I give you 7 rounds with Triple G before he knocked the f*** out of you. You just fought in the undercard. A b is touching Millions and you're not. F**** clown!

  2. You twins are clowns for real all you two is biting off what AB does your a beast so you say fight booboo. We know what it is you just trying to get a check but don’t hate on another fighter a black fighter at that shit Spence gave u the best advice

  3. You know Errol Spence will whip your ass you illiterate muthafukka! That's why you trying to be his friend and talking that we're from Texas shit. You really scary foreal

  4. these fools sounds like they have a hard time talking so they just make stupid noise..they as in both brothers…sounds like they gotta learn how to talk…and this fool is an attention seeker..foh

  5. These muthafuckas try to damn hard, homie stay in yo lane and just fight, shit talking is not in youre DNA with youre stuttering ass. Man i liked these dudes too, but now i cant wait til Canelo kicks both they asses

  6. True definition of a hater! And I'm more of a Charlo fan then a Broner fan as far as boximg but this is straight player hating. Broner getting money and he's the one selling this card. A card that you're lucky to be on .

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