Jermaine Hopkins: TI Didn't Come Up with "Expeditiously", It Originated with Me (Part 17)

Part 16:
Part 1:


In this clip, Jermaine Hopkins talked about his podcast titled Expeditiously and why he chose the name. He also discussed how the name tied into the whole Kodak Black vs T.I. beef. Jermaine took time to give Vlad props for how he operates a lean media company that is successful and how he looks to model what he’s doing off

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  1. See vlad alot of people dont know this but back when lean on me came out i was on set and i told them it would sound good to say expeditiously in that line true story. – T.K. Kirkland

  2. TK KIRKLAND VOICE.. Well vlad i was actually there at the lean on me audition and gave morgan Freeman expeditiously as a line and his career blew up after that isn't that amazing Vlad.. VLAD VOICE… Wow TK that's totally amazing

  3. Unfortunately the only reason why black people are so impressed by T.I.'s "large vocabulary"(which its not) is because black people notoriously refuse to pick up a book and read. We'd rather gang bang and glamorize gang violence,,senselessly hunt each other down and kill each other, sag our pants down to our ankles, smoke blunts all day and admire T.I.s average vocabulary.

  4. If people don't know expeditiously came from lean on me then u either too young to understand or u just now exploring the world…


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