JEFF HORN TELLS TERENCE CRAWFORD HE’LL “PROVE EVERYBODY WRONG”; VOWS TO “FIGHT MY HEART OUT” was on hand at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada where undefeated multi-division world champion Terence Crawford and WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn held the final press conference ahead of their upcoming showdown. Check out what all the fighters had to say as they spoke to the media in attendance.


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  1. This Australian fraud was getting his ass whipped by grandpa pacquiao, got out punched and outlanded by a dude 15 years older than him. Then your redneck refs paid off gives you a gifted win. Bud gonna put this hillbilly in a casket.

  2. This is the reason why arum setup Manny for Crawford to be a champion at 147. When the rematch to Manny arum don't want to happen in US and he want in Australia again but when Crawford arum want in US the fight . it is clear that arum is scumbag……. I hope people will not buy this fight.

  3. Stupid Americans. Horn doesn't give a rats arse about attempts to intimate him. This man is both classy and a fighter. All your shit talk is doing is making him for determined. Thats a massive mistake.

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