Jeff Fisher on Antonio Brown causing distractions, talks Gruden defending AB | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher joins Undisputed to discuss Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden and Oakland Raiders. Hear why he thinks AB’s foot issue and the helmet controversy are potential distractions for the team.

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Jeff Fisher on Antonio Brown causing distractions, talks Gruden defending AB | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. Jeff Fisher was a star player at USC and won a national championship, played in the NFL for 5 years before suffering a career ending injury and coached in the NFL for 22 years. What have you scrubs in the comment section done?

  2. It's unreal to me to hear a professional football coach talking about giving GROWN MEN time to "check their phones". Man, I wonder why Jeff Fisher is a laughing stock as a football coach??? I shouldn't even have used the word "professional" in conjunction with his name.

  3. I thought Jeff fisher was a great coach. Don’t get all the hatred for him. He’s made some mistakes just like anybody but what exactly did he do to get this kind of hate? Gruden is worse than him and he’s getting paid 100 million or something crazy. To people saying he didn’t believe in Goff or foles both are mediocre qbs. Foles was a backup who played well in the playoffs. Goff made it to a super bowl but honestly not because he’s a great qb. I’m going to have to see more to think he’s that good

  4. I don’t think players should ever be allowed to act like this no matter how great they are. That’s the problem with the Steelers they let him act dumb and they let leveon act dumb and look where that got them. Maybe if some of these teams actually punished bad behavior it would stop happening. Allowing him to get away with it is only going to make it worse

  5. These same bozos who were bad mouthing the Steelers, when they were right all along. Are still defending him. They are making themselves look like fools. It will only get worse from here.

  6. Why is the guy fisher wearing long sleeves and a jacket… the wall the rams needed to break through to find a winning way… old coaching concepts from the 80’s will be the image of this guy… Goff…lol


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