Jayson Williams on Walking Away with $90M After Career-Ending Injury (Part 7)

part 6: https://youtu.be/Dsto06iFbLs
Part 1: https://youtu.be/-xJ7_PFs6Es
Jayson Williams opened up to VladTV about getting a $90 million contract with the New Jersey Nets and donating his money to causes and to his alma mater, St. John’s University. He also spoke about building a huge house for his family and friends to stay. 

During the sit-down, Jayson also opened up about breaking his leg in multiple places in 1999. He explained that he knew it was a bad break when he heard two snaps and the high level of pain he was in while riding in the ambulance. To hear the full story, including getting his full $90 million contract after one year, hit the above clip.

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  1. His ending quote was real. In pro sports EVERY contract you're payed for past and future performances. From draft day to last day. Some teams lose on the future part of the contract.

  2. This the kinda cat, the kinda popular figure that if you want to look up to one, you should look up to him. Dude had so much turmoil and tragedy in his life. Sisters contracting then dying of AIDS, one of his sister being savagely cut up and beaten up by a psycho, his experience with youthful stupidity and money, accidentally killing another man due to being stupid with guns and so on. His people caught the maniac who harmed his sister and brought the maniac to him but jayson understood something about him and let him leave alive even though he committed severe evil. He built homes for his family and friends. Took care of everyone. He also donated a lot to charities of all sorts. This dude has had so much positive and negative life experiences that he's learned a lot and remains humble.

    BUT INSTEAD Y'ALL SUCK MICHAEL JORDAN'S AND LEBRON JAMES COCKS. You can appreciate their talent and skill but as people they are pieces of shit. Cheap, greedy, think they're better than everyone, just wanna sell bullshit sneakers that are made by kids in impoverished nations for peanuts so fuck y'all.


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