Japan Is The Best At Suicide Feat. Tim Dillon (Full Episode)

This week Andrew, Akaash, and Alexx discuss: Akaash’s Guardian Angel, Schulz’s time in Japan, Jiro Dreams of Sushi being WACK, How to deal with your girl on her period, Antonio Brown trying to keep his helmet, Andrew being Shadow Banned, plus special guest comedian & conspiracy theorist Tim Dillon talks about Jeffrey Epstein. INDULGE!!!

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  1. Serious question, if you can make fun of xxxtentacion after he dies, does that mean you can make fun of kaz for his loss? I’m curious on your opinion of this Andrew. Just want to know where the line is

  2. That mike pence picture had me shook then i took two seconds to google it and apparently its actually a famous gay porn star, can no one do any research anymore?

  3. Big fan of you guys "AssholeArmy" stand up… Don't know you guys personally but to hear your tragic lost KAZ, condolences to you and the fams bro. Stay strong homie, much love and prayers.

  4. How is Hillary somehow diabolical enough to catch multiple bodies without getting caught, but is unable to steal 80k votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

  5. Strangely my introduction to Andrew Schulz was through James Altucher. I thought wow this guy is smart as fuck, and kinda funny. Little did I know his comedy is actually REALLY funny, like holy shit crying funny. Definitely worth checking out that podcast to hear him talk meta-comedy.


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