Jamie Lee Curtis Breaks Down Her Career, from 'Halloween' to 'Freaky Friday' | Vanity Fair

Jamie Lee Curtis discusses her extraordinary career with Vanity Fair, from ‘Halloween,’ ‘Trading Places,’ and ‘My Girl’ to ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘Knives Out.’

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in Knives Out, in theaters everywhere.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Breaks Down Her Career, from ‘Halloween’ to ‘Freaky Friday’ | Vanity Fair

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  1. This was phenomenal! I could listen to her talk about her career (and anything else) all day! Wanda is still my favorite movie of all time (well, that and Amadeus, but don't make me choose).

  2. I love Jamie Lee Curtis in pretty much everything she's done. Fantastic actress. Hilarious comedienne. Terrific timing. Even though I've loved many of Rian Johnson's films as well, she's wrong about TLJ. Nobody's perfect. Hah!


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