FightHype.com was on hand in at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, California where James DeGale, Hugo Centeno Jr., Nathaniel Gallimore, and Jesus Cuellar held a media workout for their upcoming respective fights on April 7 and April 21. Check out what they had to say as they spoke to the media in attendance.


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  1. You got a call it a day bro.. hope you invested the money you've earned well sit back and relax and chill. Everybody's just taking the piss out of you now. Retire and be happy

  2. regardless he's telling him right. it appears that ellerby is guiding away him from is own negative ways. And focus on the tasks at hand. degale us clearly behaving like the boys on the block putting on.

  3. DeGale got raped again badou. Clearly he only tied cause of politics. The dude sucks. Didnt he lose his last fight too? He should go back to the amateurs'.

  4. degale needs to get baxck to his best cos he prob IS the division most talented boxer. No disrespect to Badu Jack but he's not in james league james is at least above. Groves beat jack but the yanks gave it to jack.

  5. what is degale talkin bout? jack clearly beat ur fuckin teeth out of mouth "mate" and hr fucked up groves. jack will get koed vs Stevenson though. degale needs to worry about truax…….he is having a serious training camp with a good coach. keep running ur mouth tho in the spotlight clown.

  6. You have no idea what you are talking about Sand wold…. James Degale boxing career is over and done…. Since the Badou Jack fight, he has never been the same again…. He act like he still the same fighter 5 years agao and HE IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO IT!!!!!!! He will get ko in the 10 round… REF IS GOING TO STOP IT

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