@jakepaul The YouTube HQ Shooting..

so devastating!! guys, lets send prayers & thoughts to everyone affected by this horrific incident. we need to ban together to make change in a serious way to prevent things like these from becoming the new normal. lets also make an effort to show appreciation towards our loved ones today.. hug them tighter & tell them how much you love them..this hits too close to home & I will continue to use my platform to create change and be a humble voice for everyone that will fight to make sure that situations like today stop for good.


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  1. This Sausage pauses every 3 seconds to make this sooooooooooo much more dramatic. Yeah we know there was a shooting goof we watch the news. kefwjl;ghfnvsdf;ivjeioplkncklnaiowergnlvndzfsklv

  2. Omg Jake just know that this is really good what you are doing like I am so proud and I am supporting this fight with you and I will pray for the families and for the people who got hurt during this

  3. He's using this has an excuse he doesn't want to make a vlog so he decided to take advantage of this situation so that we think he's helping in reality he's prob playing fortnite

  4. what the fuck? when did this happen and why wasnt I told. what sick bastard would shoot a multi million company and expect to get away with it. what did they think they'd get out of it. deepest respects to any casualties and family and friends affected by them, this is honestly shocking – any shooting should be taken seriously no matter how much shit people give the YouTube team for their stupid decisions and messed up algorithm.

  5. WTF these shootings should stop like who is giving all these people guns its sad someone could of dieing and it was a lady with the gun i wwish the shootings will stop like if you agree

  6. Yes it's all well and good saying you feel for people that have been shot but you still have an assault rifle tattoo on your leg also past vlogs you have done show how much you like guns…

  7. Pray for them. They are ill. People need to learn that this is wrong. Im in London and I have been my whole life. It makes me appreciate my life so much to see all these terrible things. I wish I could come help but Im only 11. Bye.

  8. This is just unexceptional…..people shouldn't have to deal with shootings and crimes in their daily lives….. Who in their mind goes to YouTube HQ with a gun trying to shoot people…..that's just straight up bullshit

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