Jacquees 'The King of R&B' Responds to Critics and Freestyles Live | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

Jacquees received a lot of attention when he crowned himself the “king of R&B,” now he’s confidently named his debut album “The King of R&B” and came by Sway in the Morning to talk about it.

While in-studio, Jacquees opened up about his relationship with Dreezy and broke down his relationship with Future after turning down a record from him.

Watch below for more, including his freestyle.
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Jacquees ‘The King of R&B’ Responds to Critics and Freestyles Live | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

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  1. First Off Jacquees The Fan's And radio Plays Make You A KING Through Longevity The People Have To Give You That Title The People And Radio Gave Michael Jackson The Title KING OF POP. Now Second Of All Your Music Catalog Has To Be More Than 2 Albums Look At Whitney Houston & R Kelly Music Catalog HUGH!!!! Look At Keith Sweat Music Catalog HUGH!!!! Look At Chris Brown Music Catalog HUGH!!! I Hear You Saying In The 25yr Range Stop Trying To make The Age Group Fit What You Want It To Fit If That's The Case Michael Jackson Was The KING Of R&B & Pop At The Age Of 5yrs Old. Your A Good Artist My Brother But You Need More Time And Hits Under Your Belt And Learn How To be More Humble Because Being Cocky Just Don't Work Especially When Your Doing Interviews Because The Radio Can BREAK And Artist Please Believe. So I'm Looking Forward To Your New Album Friday And I Will Be watching Billboard?????

  2. Jacquees… Young brotha, I'd like to have a few words w/ you. When I first heard you, I wrote you off as another auto-tune, Melodyne act. The records I heard were pretty awful. You done stirred up all of this King of R&B controversy for yourself so that sorta sparked my interest. Great marketing and promotional strategy. Now, I normally try to avoid trap music at all costs, but I decided to bite the bullet and give you another shot. Vocally, you have the right ideas, but yo' execution is poor. Now, is it really poor execution? I have to step back and remember that you're 25 years old and you're catering to yo' generation. I'm 34 so I've already had my fun, musically. See, I focus strictly on vocals/singing, Jacquees. Singing is my specialty. A unique tone, technique and cadence that will carry a tune. My gripe w/ you is the overuse of auto-tune, Melodyne and reverb. It's too much. You naturally have a lil' whiny tone of voice. The extra fluff makes you sound even worse. You've got the idea of singing down. You just need to work on yo' tone and overall cadence. Young brotha, ain't nobody "hating" on you. You have potential, but you need guidance. You're young so you want instant gratification. That's microwave success. Try striving for something a little more organic. That's where the glory comes from. To be a "King," Jacquees, it takes time. You're not even known nationwide yet. You just want all the glory right here – right now. You have all the time in the world. Notice that the brothas who can truly sang, they don't make a peep. I'm thinking Eric Benét, Brian McKnight, Uncle Charlie, Mr. Johnny Gilly, etcetera. They know they got it goin' on. Only the hotheads, one-hit-wonders and underperformed singers like J. Holiday and Displeasure P do all that King talk. Now, what's gon be different this time? What happened to August Alsina? Jacquees received the same attention that August received a few years ago. This is why I don't even bother w/ new music or artists nowadays because they don't last. This is what history shows me. August Alsina, Ro James, Luke James, Avery Wilson, Tone Stith, Adrian Marcel, Lucky Daye, Kevin Ross, etcetera. They get a good buzz going on and then they disappear shortly after. I just wanna know what's gon be different this time?


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