J Prince Jr’s 1st Interview: 6ix9ine drama, his Father’s Legacy, Almighty Jay’s Chain and more!

J Prince Jr is the son of the legendary J Prince, founder of the Rap A Lot Records imprint. He’s been in the public eye many times over the years but hasn’t done a full interview until today. We got him in the studio and he proceeded to fill us in on who he is, what he’s done and much more. Enjoy!

1:24 Childhood, Growing up in Rap-A-Lot as J Prince’s Son
4:00 Living up to his father and Prince Family legacy
8:00 Entrepreneurial spirit
10:15 First time realizing his father’s respect and power
10:48 Wanting to become an artist growing up
11:25 Being from Houston. Impact on life
12:28 Going back to the hood. Never forgetting your roots
18:10Current Rap-A-Lot Records roster
19:10 Almighty Jay’s chain. Old School vs New School street mentality.
21:20 Handling 6ix9ine drama
24:08 Water dumping pranks
25:10 Thoughts on pressed ecstasy pills with Rap-A-Lot logos
26:15 Never experiencing drugs
27:00 Relationship with Pimp C and Bun B
28:10 Thoughts on Bushwick Bill, Gets Boys relationship
30:09 Mob Ties
31:45 Family ties with Drake
32:43 Middle man between Drake and Meek Mill during beef
34:35 Not doing interviews. Controlling own narrative.
36:45 Rejecting Love & Hip-Hop
39:50 “Megan the Staillion is the coldest female in the game”
42:15 Old Town Road takeover. Hip-Hop x Country movement
43:25 Mob Ties Compilation album with London on da Track

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  1. Thats that before 96 shit,bruh im up under the old law too my bruh. I keep telling yall this new era has no law,wearing dresses,purses,an pussy.lol.big up to the whole H, the Prince family,an all wards.Slim 3 from 1640 to Fondren an Bissonnett lil whores.

  2. do some NIPSEY shit. every kid in the hood wonna rap & sing, but cant afford to record. & cant afford beats. so open up a free music studio for the teens with engineer intern's mixing for free if you have good grades.

  3. This is guy said, ''Dr.Dre being around was ordinary ". I'm pretty sure have access to huge amounts of money was also ordinary.
    Where does the hood life come into play for him ? This guy is delusional. He is the black Ricky Schroder . Silver Spoons H-town style .


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