J. Cole Puts a Halt to ‘F*ck Lil Pump’ Chant at Show: ‘Don’t Do That’

During his JMBLYA 2018 set over the weekend, J. Cole decided to intervene when his fans launched into an impromptu round of “Fuck Lil Pump!” In footage of the halted chant, a few fans can also be heard handing out the same sentiment to 6ix9ine, who was recently given the distinction of being a “rainbow-headed ass bitch” by Bhad Bhabie.

“Nah, nah, don’t do that,” Cole told the crowd when the Pump chant kicked off. “Don’t do that. Don’t say that.”

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  1. The more we trash lil pump the more it looks like we're trying to convince someone that he's bad. Let his content speak for itself and see how well it holds up. The negative comments are his greatest source of clout, y'all don't realize that.

  2. rap turned from selling to doing and thats what j cole does, spits messeges lil pump can be the dumbass lil kid all he wants pop all the bars he wants and watch where it takes him do all the drugs kid if u havent seen an addict die i guess some have to learn the hard way.

  3. My personal Woman beater all star starter team "Feel Free to add to the list"
    6 PLayboi Carti " Professional pusher "
    5 Tadoe " not to good at body shots, we can work on that "
    4Famouse dex " Usuall ends up getting beat up by the girl, but has potential "
    3NBA young boy " Give beatings so good that the woman like it "
    2 Lil reese " mean stomp game" "specializes in beating girlfriends " *WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY^
    1 Chris brown " MVP, nuff said " " Proffesional woman beater since 2009 " " Known for going for big fish " " woman beating skill over 10 thousand "

    Bench: Every boxer that ever existed.
    Practice team: Kobe and Tony farmer BRUH
    Hall of fame: OJ Simpson " raised the bar, took his woman beating game to another level " " iconic "

  4. His actions clearly shows the contrast between the new generation and the pre existing generation. This shit sad to watch as I'm growing older. Young 'lil' shit's taking drugs and ODing… Man, they living life all wrong.

  5. The people saying "fuck lil pump" sound just like the people saying "fuck j cole" who all sound like the nigga that yells "worldstar" and "fuck that nigga up" which all sound like the niggas that listen to DJ AK which none are even black and look like the niggas from torronto. A bunch of mixed ambiguous ass d riders who're basically trolling themselves.

  6. Nah. J Coles a pussy ass hypocrite he knows he dissed Lil Pump, but now he tryna be a hero and stop the chants. Yeah, go do what ever to get likes on Instagram J Cole. Your just mad that Smokepurpp is better than you and Lil Pumps hair costs more than your whole career.

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