Insurance Scammer vs Raging Hillbilly

This guy’s parked car was involved in a hit and run, and he LOSES when he thinks the driver is trying to scam him out of MORE money.
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  1. Aaron's mom ended up taking the whole thing well and laughing about it, but his dad was prettyyyyy mad. I tried my best to cover for Aaron (he was blowing up my phone begging me not to say it was him lol) but he ended up revealing to them that he requested it and told me that it's all fine and blown over now. You guys really liked hearing the last prank gone wrong, so I wanted to bring you another one. If you want to hear more calls that don't necessarily have the happiest endings, Drop a Like on this vid and comment with your fav part 😉

  2. Bro, we've all mentioned this before in the past; the censoring of the swear words is lame.
    I'm unsubscribed now. (not that it matters)
    I still dig all your old stuff Russel, you were a savage a couple years ago.

    Have fun being "family friendly".

  3. yo my guy this was in poor taste. if you really upset people (yes anger is a form of being upset) and they dont give consent to be uploaded and laughed at what you are doing isn't just a prank anymore its quite cruel. literally using a situation which is alreafy awful for them (you do that a lot) then making them imagine something else awful on top when they are likely going through a lot of stress. you have a big audience and you do these calls not particularly caring about the long term effects it can have on disfunctional people like this man. Like you even brag and point out he was walking the streets with a knife and gun looking for you like that is cool and funny. Nah dude, know when you've crossed the line before you or someone else gets really bad karma from all this if not already. It not fun and games when real violence gets involved. your pranks are mostly harmless and you're not a terrible person just careful with how much integrity you are willing to throw under the bus to get clout, be shocking, edgy etc. short term a lot of views and money sure, long term you may regret it.


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