Inside the split between John Cena and Nikki Bella

The WWE sweethearts unexpectedly split weeks before their wedding, causing rumors to swirl that it may have been because Cena did not want children.


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  1. I feel so bad for that good woman Bro no matter what Cena was the reason of this split , Nikki just loves him❤ and want his babies nothing wrong with that SMH , he won't find better than her these kinda women are rare nowdays.

  2. He didnt want kids hello she knew this for years abd wss trying to tell herself she was ok with tat. He probably didnt want to propose either but felt he had to. He was honest all the time with nikki she should of walked away years ago so why stay with him maybe the lifestyle

  3. This is what happens when you put your business out there for the whole world to see. Now everyone is a critic…smh. If you've been together for more than 5 yrs, engaged for a whole year, then let one day you're deciding on something you both can't come to an agreement on…then what a waste of courtship.

  4. Why cena doesn't want kid? That is pretty funny. Its not like he could get pregnant. Women all do the hard work. Pregnant, birth, and after to maintain as before. Just crazy.

  5. He never wanted to marry her, the engagement at last year's WrestleMania was just to make him look good, I know he had intentions of never following through, this was going to happen, now he is going to be moving on to Hollywood, where he will marry Hollywood actress, and have a kid with her I guarantee you you this will happen within 4 years

  6. A woman who really wants kids can't turn that feeling off like a faucet. If this is true and they had gotten married she would start to resent him. It's super sad because the little I've seen they appear to really love each other.

  7. Eh I don’t see anything wrong with it. She wants kids he didn’t. Her sister just had a baby. More people should not want kids. Y’all are a biunch of dumbasses in the comments and I’m sure y’all are breeding right and left. Jesus take the wheel

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