INSIDE THE NBA: What Cavs’ Game 1 Loss Means

The Inside The NBA crew talks about what losing Game 1 means for the mentality of the Cavaliers players.


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  1. It means nothin to real sports fans LeBron has been in similar situations before & overcame them he's that great of a player they get out of the 1st round at least IDK about after that though with the scrub team he has now

  2. Lebron didn’t win 6 rings because he had to go against a 73-9 team and MJ didn’t? MJ WAS the 72-10 team, he made sure he didn’t have to go against a 70+ winning team. Lebron with 2 superstars on his team every year since 2010 until now? HE should have been the 70+ winning team.

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